Dr. Arthur Romano is an international peace-educator, consultant and certified nonviolence trainer. Dr. Romano has implemented innovative educational programs in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and the US. Those programs have supported thousands of students in learning practical strategies for building healthy communities, becoming global leaders and productively engaging with conflict. Dr. Romano has spoken numerous times at the United Nations and has collaborated with the Department of Public Information to promote the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence and the International Day of Peace. He currently serves as a professor of conflict analysis and resolution at George Mason University.


Diversity Matters Now!
More than a lecture, Diversity Matters Now! Is a transformative workshop that uses interactive activities to address diversity issues, enhance leadership qualities and increase capacity to build connections and community across lines of difference.

Preventing Bullying on Campus
While college campuses can be some of the safest spaces in the US today they are also places where bullying and incidences of bias, exclusion and hate still take place. This inspiring talk seeks to address these issues head on by offering participants concrete tools and models to support them in developing prevention strategies.

Introduction to Conflict Resolution
In this program, Dr. Romano will offer his analysis of key insights from the field of conflict resolution and support students in identifying strategies for dealing with the range of conflicts on campus such as roommate disputes, tensions between student groups, and issues of prejudice and discrimination.

Courageous Leadership
In this program, Dr. Arthur Romano, offers examples of courageous leadership from around the world and highlights the role that young people are playing in building a more positive future. The Courageous Leadership program offers participants an opportunity to clarify their unique life purpose and consider how compassion, self-reflection, connection to community and excellent communication can lead to greater success.

Call To Conscience: Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
International peace-worker Arthur Romano honors the legacy and struggle of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by bringing his teachings to life and demonstrating how King’s message is inspiring a new generation of peace-builders around the world today.

Civility and Difference: Sustaining Conversations that Matter on Campus
Is it possible to have passionate and contentious conversations on campus without resorting to negativity, nastiness and name calling? How can we be honest and not sugar coat things while also respecting others? This lecture explores the critical role that meaningful dialogue can play in addressing issues of difference on campus.