Arthur Romano is an Assistant Professor at the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University and The Elise Boulding Scholar Practitioner for the National Peace Academy. He has over 20 years of experience serving as an educational advisor and developing transformative and experiential education with communities affected by conflict and violence.

Dr. Romano  came to the school with over 15 years of experience designing and implementing experiential educational programs on peace and conflict resolution related themes in a wide array of locales including in Asia, Africa, and Central America. He also co-developed the Diversity Matters Now workshop series, which explores issues related to identity and peacebuilding in colleges and universities across the US.

His international work has focused on Hip Hop Diplomacy as he regularly works with US Hip Hop Artists engaging in cultural exchange work abroad through the Next Level Program as well as peace education in East Asia including implementation and evaluation of peace education and problem-solving programs in Japan and South Korea.

He has published on issues related to Black-led truth-telling processes, grassroots peace and conflict resolution education and urban peacebuilding and is currently completing a book focused on community-led nonviolence education and the living legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in US cities impacted by systemic racism and economic inequality.


Martin Luther King’s Radical Vision for Saving the Planet

When Dr. King is put on a pedestal as a saint, with little explanation of how he developed his militant approach to social change we erase the analysis that drove him to champion radical social change to challenge white supremacy, militarism, and economic exploitation, and how he developed courage over time and handled the violent resistance that he and others faced at every turn.

In this interactive program, Dr. Romano introduces the key principles and deeper ideas that are often missed in celebrations of King. Drawing on his extensive study of nonviolence under the guidance of Civil Right Legend Bernard Lafayette and his time studying nonviolence in India, he breaks down those ideas in ways that can help us think about taking action today.

To get a better sense of Dr. Romano’s thinking on this topic check out:

 Book Launch: Building the Beloved Community, One Block at a Time. 

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Courageous Leadership
In this program, Dr. Arthur Romano, offers examples of courageous leadership from around the world and highlights the role that young people are playing in building a more positive future. The Courageous Leadership program offers participants an opportunity to clarify their unique life purpose and consider how compassion, self-reflection, connection to community and excellent communication can lead to greater success.

Conflict Resolution after the Pandemic:
The Pandemic taught us some very difficult but potentially transformative lessons. Those lessons include that we are profoundly interconnected in a global world and that our safety is deeply dependent on the health of others. This should radically reorient how we think of ourselves in the world. When it comes to safety, our billion dollar military was left largely on the sidelines as hundreds of thousands of people became ill and health care workers, teachers, social workers, farmers and many people in service oriented jobs fought to keep people alive. In this workshop Professor Romano, shares insights about what we need to learn from the pandemic and how a generation of people committed to social and ecological justice will need to step up to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Diversity Matters Now!
More than a lecture, Diversity Matters Now! Is a transformative workshop that uses interactive activities to address diversity issues, enhance leadership qualities and increase capacity to build connections and community across lines of difference.

Call To Conscience: Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
International peace-worker Arthur Romano honors the legacy and struggle of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by bringing his teachings to life and demonstrating how King’s message is inspiring a new generation of peace-builders around the world today.

Civility and Difference: Sustaining Conversations that Matter on Campus
Is it possible to have passionate and contentious conversations on campus without resorting to negativity, nastiness and name calling? How can we be honest and not sugar coat things while also respecting others? This lecture explores the critical role that meaningful dialogue can play in addressing issues of difference on campus.