Our Story

Conscious Campus is a family run business, based in the woodlands of Connecticut.  Husband and wife team Greg Bura and Rhei C Gordon started the business 10 years ago, and many of our roster members (who we also consider family) have been with us from the beginning!  Greg worked for another agency for 15 years prior and found he truly desired to focus on social and environmental justice and creating a more peaceful and equitable world.  He focused his passion and talent for activism and community building to shape our diverse and inspiring roster.  Rhei C. worked for 20 years in mind-body fitness and for 9 years as Domestic Violence advocate serving as a crisis counselor and working within our court systems and with local law enforcement.  While there she also led self-care and mindfulness groups and has fostered those programs here at Conscious Campus.

Both Greg and Rhei C. are music lovers and wild dancers.  Yes, wild dancers.  They met as musicians at an “Experience” Greg promoted.  He always loved bringing people together!  Later Greg would tour manage Rhei C’s band, and eventually the friends would become life-long partners.  Partners in marriage, partners in business, and partners in parenting.  We feel blessed that as our business has grown, so has our love.  We hope that the love we foster in our home and business, will extend into all our interactions and programs.  Customer Service is a high priority, and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you to Create Connections that transform lives and relationships!

At Conscious Campus our mission is to provide inspiring programs that build social and cultural awareness, foster community and promote greater acceptance and respect.

“Conscious Campus provides more than just a business, they feel like family to me. They truly care about your experience, and consider every detail you give them to make sure you can have the best events for your campus.”

Catelynn Fleming - Student Activities & Residence Life Coordinator - Clarion University of Pennsylvania –Venango Campus

Conscious Campus is an organization that is the intersection of purpose, passion and product. No matter who the educator, speaker or artist, you become a part of Greg and his global family, dedicated to positive social and environmental impact, and to ensuring your event is 100% great for your campus. I’ve rarely worked with someone so willing to go above and beyond for your initiative, and am happy any time we can work together.

John Gallagher - Director Student Involvement - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Overall we are just so grateful to you for your partnership this year - Thank you so much for everything you did to make this a wonderful Mark Conference. We appreciate your patience, creativity, and pulse of what we needed. The speakers were fantastic and our conference continues to get better and better.

Robyn Ginese - Director for Leadership & Experiential Learning Student Centers & Activities Rutgers University

Conscious Campus is committed to social justice and building loving relationships that promote social conscious and inclusion.

Wanda Copeland - Director, Multicultural Engagement - Alvernia University

I work with the best people! I had a conference call this morning with Greg Bura @Conscious Campus and after a few back-and-forth emails we were planning to have coffee together in spirit- he lives in Connecticut- instead- he did some internet research and called Broast Coffee and sent me on a little scavenger hunt to find a gift card waiting for me at Broast so I could have coffee during our call...it’s the little things that make a huge difference! Greg Bura you have the kindest heart and have made my week!!! THANK YOU!

Shelley Brown - Tennessee Technological University