“It’s an illusion that secrets are walls, they are bridges, waiting for us to cross, share and grow.” – Frank Warren

Frank Warren is the most trusted stranger in America. He is the sole creator of the The PostSecret Project, a growing collection of over a million artful secrets mailed to his home from around the world.

The PostSecret website has become a phenomenon earning over 820 million visits becoming the world’s largest advertisement-free blog. The popularity of the project and its impact has earned Warren recognition as one of the top five influential people on the internet by Forbes. Warren’s six books have all become bestsellers and his popular TED Talk was called, The Number 1 TED Talk That Holds the Key to Public Speaking Genius, by Inc Magazine. His work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, USA Today, The New York Times, The Today Show, 20/20 and CNN.



Frank has delivered keynote addresses around the world at colleges and universities, mental health conferences, tech events, and was even invited to the White House to share what he has learned about our secret selves. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, the secrets reflect complex issues that many of us struggle with: intimacy, trust, meaning, humor, and desire. As an advocate for mental health initiatives & suicide prevention, the National Mental Health Association recognized him with a special award. Warren is a volunteer for and actively involved in the organization Hopeline/1-800-SUICIDE.  

Frank’s program creates a supportive environment to address issues like mental wellness, loneliness, consent and imposter syndrome. The goal is to leave students with the confidence to ask for help before they are in crisis. Additionally, the program empowers students with a tool kit they can draw upon to better identify classmates who may be struggling and best practices for questioning, listening, and referring to campus resources.

Franks lecture was exciting, interesting, and unique. Our programming board was excited to bring an event to campus that was truly meaningful for our students, and this programs was everything we could have hoped for. Our board received a great deal of praise from the student body for allowing them to be a little closer to this phenomenon. Frank's PostSecret project has really made an impact with many students, and this fact was evident by the buzz on campus leading up to the lecture.

University of Florida

GREAT event with Frank Warren! We had a phenomenal campus and community turn-out, a complete and total "sold-out" audience. Bpth Frank's message and style clearly resonated with folks of all ages who attended;He is a gifted speaker who clearly understands how to connect with the audience.

Meredith College