Frenchie Davis is funny. She’s entertaining and educational. Frenchie Davis is the perfect Valentine’s AND Black History program. Yes, both! Frenchie Davis MPH is an authority on Human Sexuality and Public Leadership and Health with a laser-beam focus on the African-American community. Frenchie combines her love and expertise of social services, education, and pop-culture to Entertain, Educate and Enhance the emotional and sexual health of her audiences.

Culture, Race & Trauma into Process, Reconciliation, Healing and Practice

Health Equity is an abolitionist framework for racial and sexual reconciliation and healing. This work developed through empirical research, engagement, and experiential learning. This session explores the praxis of emotion, race, culture, gender and power. We treat health equity as formative, and being a pivotal role in reshaping cultural ecosystems, and dismantling systemic inequities that we live and experience each day.

Also perfect for Title IX, Take back the Night, consent discussions, orientation, staff development and more!