Frenchie Davis is an authority on Human Sexuality with a focus on the African-American community. Frenchie combines her love and expertise of social services, education, and pop-culture to Entertain, Educate and Enhance the emotional and sexiological intelligence of her audiences.

Frenchie offers her audience a passport to understanding how sexuality impacts spirituality, sexual agency, sexuality development and diversity. Frenchie understands how imperative it is to dissect, evaluate and engender daily sex-positive interactions to create a sex-positive culture.

When you combine a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality with 15 years of facilitation and speaker experience you are not only informed, but also transformed. Frenchie works both nationally and internationally through workshops, lectures, blogging and TV appearances and shares her platform on her edge cutting sexuality talk show, “Libido Talk” on WBAI 99.5 FM of New York City.

Frenchie is a board member for the Incarnation Institute of Sex and Faith (IISF). She collaborates with several organizations from 100 Black Men, DC Public Schools, Metro Teen AIDS, the National Council for Black Studies, The College of Black Studies at the College of Charleston, Michigan Health and Human Services HIV division and in 2015, was a research scholar at the Cuba Delegation for Race, Culture, Gender, and Sexuality. Frenchie was also a scholar at the Black Feminism Summer School and studied abroad in Cachoeira, Brazil for the Decolonization of Black Feminism program with renowned academic and activist Angela Davis. In fall of 2018 Frenchie is featured as a sexpert in the newly published book Untrue by New York Times Best Selling Author, Wednesday Martin Ph.D. You can learn more about Frenchie Davis at her website:


  • Sex and Religion:
    • Did you know you don’t have to choose between your faith and sexuality? Let Frenchie introduce you to a sex-positive spiritual life.
  • Race and Sex:
    • Yes! Sex has a color. Lets learn about cultural competency in sexuality. We help participants understand the connection and distinction between sex and ethnicities. Let’s explore how perceptions of race and sex intersect and impact our sexual lives.
  • I Said No! I said Yes:
    • Join this self-advocacy session to learn how to negotiate your needs. Lets talk about consent. Are you going with the flow or are you getting what you need out of a relationship. Let’s heighten your sexual voice!
  • Mute R. Kelly, Unmute the Conversation
    • Pedophilia, Hebephillia, Ephebophilia, & Padarasty, lets talk about paraphilias and why sexual predators are rarely who you think they are. As a sexologist, I understand the importance of having vital dialogues with young people about sexual predators and violence. Allow me the opportunity to share with you important approaches and strategies to help keep young people safe, informed and empowered.
  • Pleasure Principal:
    • Let’s talk about the possibilities of pleasure. Do you know your vulva from your vagina? Hmmm let’s see and let’s celebrate all the benefits of being woman!
  • Sexual Accountability:
    • Consent contracts, understanding language and signals, non verbal communication and communication. When all else fails, and you have made your partner uncomfortable, how do you own it? How do you recover?
  • Sip.n.Sketch:
    • Nudity involved. Find a way to celebrate the body outside of a sexual space. Let’s get rid of stress and cortisol by celebrating all body types. It’s time to learn body positivity. We draw, we sketch, we talk, we learn. There is no perfect picture because there is no perfect body, only safe spaces.
  • Title IX:
    • We thought we had it right, but we didn’t. What is sexual equity? How do we all participate? What is harassment? What is flirting? G=How do we truly know the difference?
  • Safe Sex, Condoms, and Beyond:
    • How to disclose your sexual status? We can all be apart of minimizing STI/STD prevalence in the 21st century. Let’s have sex, lots of sex…safer sex!
  • Men and Masculinity:
    • I’m a man, how can I get being a man wrong? So many new labels, so many new rules, let’s figure it out together. Be the man you want to be, but better!
  • Dating 101:
    • Dating. It’s really not easy. How to date in the age of technology and non-communication.
  • Sex and Politics:
    • You are a citizen. You have sexual rights, but rights do you really have? Learn the history of sex and politics and how it impacts you.