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Divine Downloads

By October 3, 2019 No Comments

I recently performed at a dope women’s event called Books, Brunch and Botánica. There I ran into my hermana from another pana Lah Tere – writer, rapper, educator, activist, thick chick, bad bish. She was hosting the most amazing poetry reading you could ever be at, and as she came to the stage she mentioned how we were receiving Divine Downloads on that day. I had never heard that term before, but it made perfect sense. Each poem read was church for me – reminding me of our pain but also our own unconditional love. A Divine Download is simply a message we get from our Creator reminding us how incredibly resilient we are, and guiding us to the answers that we need to get through this difficult ass thing we call life.

After the reading, I got to chat and catch up with Tere for a bit, and she asked: “Aren’t you getting married soon?” I damn near spit out my “House on Mango Street” inspired vodka drink, as I haven’t even been in a relationship in years and my outlook on partnerships has been rather bleak. “Girl, no!” I laughed, as she looked extremely confused. She took a second, quietly, then replied: “Well someone is coming your way very soon. And they will have more to offer and bring to the table than even you have. That’s what you need, what you’ve been needing. You’re too dope to play games. So just calm down.” And it was with that Download that my heart just calmed.

I calmed because I knew it wasn’t a “Calm down witcho thirsty ass!”. I understood it was really just more of a “Calm your heart, sis.” You see, like most of us single folk, I’ve been dealing with my own qualms on the love I feel I deserve. Trudging through unfinished business, untold apologies, closure I may never get and have to create for myself just to push forward, and accepting toxicity in the name of “I guess all people got their shit, and I’ll just deal with it and love them good even when they can’t give me a fraction of that back.”. Even as I write this, I’m in tears, and it’s because I know I know better. I know that’s not what my life was meant for. But how often do we settle for less, thinking our greatest imaginings of love are just that – imaginings.

Then, as I take a break to scroll through Instagram (don’t judge me) I see this meme:

“Get in loser, we’re driving away from toxic situations that you see clearly but fail to accept ‘cuz you fear change even though you know you deserve better.”

TRIGGERED. (I bet you were, too. LOL!)

All of this reminds me of how many forms Divine Downloads can come in. A stranger, a sound, a therapist, a movie, a homegirl you haven’t seen in years, and even a meme. We are always receiving Divine Downloads, and I think we can be more intentional about making the time and space for them – through self care & spirituality & creating the quiet spaces with which we can look within. That’ll be another blog, though.

So, I leave you with this question: How are you receiving your Divine Downloads?

How are you connecting to Source – God, Goddess, Yemaya, Buddha, Eggun, Allah, Oshun, Krishna, your Higher Self, the Universe?

And when you are receiving this guidance from the Divine – ARE YOU LISTENING?

Like most downloads, it’s a process. First you have to accept the download and it’s risks – Will this download hurt me to hear at first? Do I trust its message? Is it a virus? Then you have to wait for the download to complete. Here is our lesson in patience. Then you have to actively open it, read it and internalize the message. And remember, as with most downloads – the file is there somewhere (unless you delete it). You can always reach back and re-open when you need Divine guidance.

Here’s to hoping we all become more open to receiving Divine Downloads, and learn to be aware of and grateful for their gifts.

Love & Light,

Pinq 💞