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Creating Connections with a Bridge

By April 8, 2022 April 9th, 2022 No Comments

After falling in love with Spoken Word and realizing that Kane’s talks and presentations like, “Finding Your Voice in Leadership” which focuses on developing leadership, building collaborative relationships, and designing creative ways to engage our communities or “Who I Really Am” that focuses on expressing and constructing identity, celebrating diversity, and building relationships across lines of difference had the power to create valuable connections, it was time for Kane to collaborate with his childhood best friend, CJ Suitt who is a performance poet, arts educator, and a community organizer that was recently appointed the first Poet Laureate of Chapel Hill, NC.
Kane and CJ decided to create The Bridge Project – Finding Connection in a time of Division. Together they explore what it means to nurture cross-cultural relationships. In this captivating performance and workshop, the duo reimagine healthy masculinity and celebrate the unique perspectives that we all carry, sharing their stories in verse and guiding participants in telling their own. Beyond the poetry, this program is an invitation to dialogue, fostering social-emotional learning and leading students in building a more connected campus community.