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Conscious Campus is excited to welcome…. Ron Jones – “Dialogues on Diversity” Social Justice and Diversity Theater

By July 14, 2022 No Comments

Dialogues On Diversity is the country’s premier social justice and diversity theater company. DOD uses theatrical models to make our message of difference, inclusion and social justice accessible, engaging and entertaining. We offer a range of fun, interactive, and informative programs designed to educate and entertain, or “edutain,” through satire and parody. We’ve discovered that humor helps people open up when engaging complex and complicated issues. Award-winning, and highly praised, our programs have been profiled by major media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and Fox News.
Civil Discourse – A presentation or workshop style program that helps people understand the problems and solutions to having effective civil social discourse.Get Out Of Your Bubble – A Diversity Orientation program designed to show how we are on the diversity spectrum.  We have both privileges and challenges.
The Creations of Hispanics – A two-person comedy that teaches about how the U.S. created a single culture out of many.  It also speaks to the challenges in losing essential parts of your matter where you are from
The Diversity Formula – A customized and interactive performance program that helps medical and technical students to engage in cultural competence.
Full Program listing here