Ron Jones – Dialogues on Diversity:

Ron Jones has been an educator, writer, actor, and social activist for over 25 years.  He is an EMMY Award winner who is currently Executive Director of Dialogues on Diversity.

Dialogues on Diversity is the nation’s premier social justice, diversity awareness theater company performing more than 100 Performances, Lectures and Workshops in N. America annually.  He has created a range of performance, lecture, game, and workshop platforms designed to help individuals and organizations address issues of cultural difference in a more open, healthy and respectful way.

His approach is to bring “Compassionate Activism” into our discussions and actions around social change.  Only through understanding the mechanisms of bias and oppression can we work to dismantle them.  Too few Americans know the stories of deep, complex and sometime, shameful stories that make us this beautiful experiment.

Learning our collective stories is the only way to change hearts and bring lasting change lives


Dialogues On Diversity is the country’s premier social justice and diversity theater company. DOD uses theatrical models to make our message of difference, inclusion and social justice accessible, engaging and entertaining. We offer a range of fun, interactive, and informative programs designed to educate and entertain, or “edutain,” through satire and parody. We’ve discovered that humor helps people open up when engaging complex and complicated issues.

Award-winning, and highly praised, our programs have been profiled by major media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and Fox News.

Civil Discourse – A presentation or workshop style program that helps people understand the problems and solutions to having effective civil social discourse.

Get Out Of Your Bubble – A Diversity Orientation program designed to show how we are on the diversity spectrum.  We have both privileges and challenges.

MLK & Shared Dreams – A performance-based lecture that talks about MLK’s lesser spoken legacy of “Intersectional Advocacy” as represented by his “Poor People’s Campaign of 1968.

The Black-Jew Dialogues – An award-wining two-person comedy that shows the need for cross cultural and cross generational engagement for the sake of more sustained change.

The Creations of Hispanics – A two-person comedy that teaches about how the U.S. created a single culture out of many.  It also speaks to the challenges in losing essential parts of your matter where you are from”

The Diversity Formula – A customized and interactive performance program that helps medical and technical students to engage in cultural competence.

Her Investment – A performance that gives the history Black people have had with the financial system for over 150 years.  It especially focuses on the intersection of gender and race bias that women of color continue to have in entrepreneurship.

The Waiting Hour – A performance lecture that tells the story of a Black Union soldier who speaks of his own “Freedom’s Day” It examines the significance of Juneteenth should hold not just for African-Americans, but every group that is still waiting for full inclusion, as well as the social and political significance then and now.

HellFighter – A performance lecture (or independent film) which gives a 5 generation look at institutional and systemic bias in America.  It also tells the story of how soldiers of color were treated by their own government.

The Movement – A 16-character modern-day Black History show which covers the time from the passage of “The Voting Rights Act of 1965” to January 6th, 2021.