Creating Connections through the Celebration of Dance and Music from around the world!

Uniting with Ukraine

Performing a traditional Cossack dance routine consisting of acrobatic tumbles, jumps, breathtaking spins, splits, leaps and the infamous Cossack kicks.

Big Drums and Big sound with… 


Taikoza uses the powerful rhythms of the Taiko drums to create an electrifying energy that carries audiences to a new dimension of excitement.

Amirah Sackett – Love Embraces All

An internationally recognized hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Amirah Sackett explores and embodies her Muslim American identity through combining hip-hop movement and Islamic themes. She is widely known for her creation of the choreography and performance group known as, “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic”, which reached viral video fame 

Kotchegna -Dance of the Ivory Coast

With a team of dancers and drummers, Kotchegna brings the thrill of strong djembe drumming entwined with the ensemble dances that showcase traditional village dances from all over Ivory Coast.

Celebrating Culture!