Queen YoNasDa Lonewolf Activist Speaker (pronounced Yo-Naja-Ha)

Human Rights Activist/ National Organizer/ Published Writer

YoNasDa  (Yo-Naja- Ha) LoneWolf, was born during the American Indian Movement’s protest march called The Longest Walk in Washington, DC. She is Oglala Lakota and African American. Her late mother, an Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Wauneta Lonewolf was a renowned motivational speaker, substance abuse, gang prevention counselor and healer.  Her father, who is African American, is a fine artist.

Queen YoNasDa is a living example of the saying “No Nation Can Rise Higher Than Its Woman”. Currently, she is a National Community Organizer/Human Rights Activist and a motivational speaker. Being self-driven she is living her divine calling from her early beginnings in the entertainment industry as a rap artist and choreographer for BET’S own Teen Summit to her most recent work as an active activist and a voice against any injustice that affects people worldwide. She has used entertainment to bring awareness on the condition of oppressed people whether it’s releasing two albums and touring with Wutang Clan or performing at the Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow and Festival she walks in many cultural paths.

Dig a Little deeper in to her resume and you will find that Queen YoNasDa was the brainchild behind #BMoreYouthRise and the National Stop the Killing rallies and marches after two of her friends were killed by police brutality. She organized cities from Phoenix, AZ to Baltimore, MD and was asked by the family of Mike Brown Jr in Ferguson, MO to speak at his 1-year anniversary. Her electrifying speech made it on all international media platforms and she was featured in Elle Magazine (France) as one of the women in the Stopping Police Brutality Movement that is changing America. When YoNasDa Lonewolf is not protesting in the streets you can catch her speaking to college and high school students. She also was on the BET Rap it Up Tour, promoting sexual education. Since 2006, she has directed entertainment panel discussions at various colleges and universities and at conferences with over 100,000 people. This truth-teller is a published writer who has a weekly column in the Final Call Newspaper and is now bringing her artistry to the world with a daily devotional book called “Journey 2 Peace”.  She started a cultural tour called “Rez Tours “; which she opens cultural tours to Indigenous communities to learn more about the culture of Indigenous people. She has hosted a radio show on Chuck D and Atlanta’s “Voice of the People” radio. In October 2015 she was a special guest on NYC Power 105’s The Breakfast Club where she spoke on “Indigenous Peoples Day.” From the huge response she was asked to be on The Breakfast Club four more times.  She spearheaded a 32 and a 64 cities fundraising events called Hip Hop 4 Haiti, Hip Hop 4 Flint in 2016 . In September 2017 she started Hip Hop 4 Foundation and spearheaded 15 cities for Hip Hop 4 The People after the devasting hurricane that hit Texas, Florida and the Carribean. YoNasDa was on the executive planning committee and co-convener for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March- Justice or Else! She also accepted the invitation to be the National Co-Convener of the Womens March. She also is the founder of the Indigenous Peoples March and the Indigenous Peoples Movement where she mobilized a strong coalition of ALL indigenous peoples of the world. Queen YoNasDa has used her  experience to organize conferences, marches, political campaigns, celebrity community initiatives. Starting October 23, 2019 Queen YoNasDa is a cast member of a 10 part docu-series on BET called “Copwatch America”. This series dives into her work in activism. YoNasDa Lonewolf is a woman with a purpose of promoting love, justice and equality.


YoNasDa Lonewolf Activist Speaker, is available for speaking engagements and conducts workshops in the areas of:

•Native American Spirituality



•Social Justice


•Men and Women Empowerment

•Youth Leadership

•Domestic Violence

•Connecting with Mother Earth- Spiritual Retreats