Dubbed “Among the best folk-rock artists in the country” by the Tucson Weekly, Namoli Brennet, transgender singer-songwriter, has been touring with her own brand of moody and inspiring folk since 2002. She’s a breathtaking and moving performer, and her sweet, road-weary voice is as quick to deliver her wit and humor as it is a turn of phrase. She’s a top-notch songwriter who’s known for her insightful lyrics and poetic language, but it’s her live performances that set her apart from the conventional label of singer/songwriter. On stage she reveals deft acoustic guitar chops, often incorporating foot percussion, loops, vocoder and Kaki-King style tapping to create a broad, layered soundscape.

Namoli’s latest CD, “Live” shines an intimate spotlight on a performer who is at once arresting and vulnerable, someone who, in the words of Keith Jarret, is willing to “Go deep into the cave to come up with the light.” A 4-time Outmusic award nominee who was recently named in the inaugural Trans 100 list, Namoli was also the recipient of the Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Award and a finalist in the ISC songwriting competition. Her music has been featured on NPR, PBS and in films including the Emmy-award winning documentary “Out in the Silence”, which details the struggle of a gay teen growing up in rural Pennsylvania.


Namoli’s performance takes your breath away – not only with her voice and music, but also with her own personal story. When she was hired to direct music at a church in Arizona, Namoli was living and presenting as male – shortly after, she came out as transgender and started a very public transition to female. While over time her own church community supported her, she was eventually fired by the main funding arm of the church. Her ability to relate her story with, humor, compassion, and depth will captivate the audience, and leave them with a collective sense of their own place in humanity, no matter who they are or what they choose. In the words of one of her most uplifting songs, students will walk away singing “We belong.”