Terri Morrison – Cross Cultural Speaker:

Interacting on a diverse, international campus can be complex.  Does your faculty and student body communicate clearly across diverse cultures and languages? Do they know how to live and work with multicultural roommates & colleagues?  Are they adept at interactions with students and teams from China, Russia, India, or Brazil?

Terri Morrison, Co-Author of the bestselling Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands® series (over 325,000 copies sold) delivers an entertaining and informative keynote presentation that will help your students and faculty acquire valuable cultural intelligence in global business and social practices, negotiating techniques, and protocol with their peers around the world.


Terri’s keynote information and advice will ensure your intended meaning comes through in every form of communication – from interview icebreakers in the EU and Latin America – to advertising taboos in the Middle East and Asia.

Whether your campus connects with one country or many, rely on Terri Morrison to deliver your next International Week Keynote, or Orientation for your International Students.

We searched for two years to find someone who could discuss cultural differences from a professional business perspective. We discovered Terri’s book, then Terri herself who is warm and accessible and enormously talented. It was not a lecture but rather an enlightening, fun, and gem of a presentation full of examples and audience participation! Great for all audiences, but college students should definitely have the experience.

Vicki ClarkClarkson University