About Surati for Performing Arts and Mission:
Surati for Performing Arts’ mission is to create and present performing arts and cultural experiences that globalize themes rooted in Indian culture, that convey the universal message of equality, inclusion, and unity in diversity, through staged productions, arts-in-education, cultural festivals, educational and interactive workshops. Surati strives for artistic excellence and works with quality artists, administrators, and technicians who are culturally and ethnically diverse, including Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans as well as individuals with learning and physical disabilities. Surati brings its programming to the under-served communities including senior citizens and low-income communities. Representation consists of people from diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Through our programming, we try to educate communities about the history and evolution of Indian Performing Arts, while entertaining through classical dance music & theater.

About Rimli Roy

Rimli Roy is an artiste, choreographer, producer, and director who breaks the boundaries of traditional Indian performing art forms and is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the leading award-winning organization Surati for Performing Arts.

Roy has trained in three distinct Indian classical forms by renowned masters in India – Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, and Odissi since age four, and also in piano and Hindustani classical vocals for years.

Rimli’s critically acclaimed original stage production ‘Ramaavan – A Musical’ based on the popular Indian epic ‘The Ramayana’ addresses current social issues, and uses world genres, Indian dance, and music along with an international cast.

Rimli, along with the Surati team, has performed at prestigious venues like the United Nations, The Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center (DC), The Library of Congress (DC), The Reichhold Center – University of the U.S Virgin Islands, The Alaska Performing Arts Center (AK), The University of the West Indies in Barbados, and The World Financial Center Wintergarden, now known as Brookfield Place, to name a few.

Surati Indian Performing Arts – Programs

Full Stage Productions:

“GLIMPSES OF INDIA” Surati’s original production “Glimpses of India” recreates India on stage by tracing its cultural diversity through traditional, contemporary and experimental dance and music. This original production showcases Indian classical, folk, fusion (with other genres), Bollywood and live music. Dazzling when performed in its grandeur, yet stunning when scaled down to fit any space, this show will enthrall and educate all audiences.

More about Glimpses of India – A multidimensional show presenting the diverse variety in Indian culture through classical, folk, creative and contemporary styles of dance and music.

Narrated in English (with translations available in other languages upon request).

“RAMAAVAN – A MUSICAL” is an original Broadway inspired musical, an evolving theatrical experience targeting the newer generation today and also a global audience. The musical (in English) produced with a multicultural and diverse cast and crew from around the world, boasts of an original concept, script including in verse, choreography, costumes and musical score, features Indian dance and music, musical theater, contemporary, jazz and other genres.

“TYOHAAR” (meaning ‘festival’) – Surati’s original production on the diverse “Festivals of India” narrated through traditional dance, music and drama.

About Tyohaar: India has a rich cultural heritage boasting a diversity of festivals, each of which originates from different states and is steeped in history and legend. Tyohaar, meaning “festival” will trace the origin and evolution of some of the most widely celebrated festivals of India through traditional dance, drama, music, video/slide projection and narration.

Master classes, performance workshops, lecture demonstrations and performing arts workshops

Master classes, performance workshops, lecture demonstrations and interactive workshops may be conducted for each of these topics

The Magic of Indian Dance, Music and Storytelling: This program will teach students the nuances of Indian dance, music and storytelling through movement, music, rhythm, folk tales from mythology and more. Students will gain an overall experience of the performing arts through this program. They will learn Indian dance movements, be exposed to various musical genres and instruments, develop balance, hand and feet coordination, rhythm and also learn the basic tools of storytelling through dance expressions, acting and movement.

Cultural Connections and Appreciation through Indian Dance: The purpose of this program is to create cultural connections through Indian Dance, Music and Movement. Through this program of master classes and workshops we will work with students to inculcate a deep interest in dance and movement, rhythm, hand and feet coordination, while also learning about Indian classical, Bollywood and folk dances from different states in India. Though the focus is on dance, students will also learn to appreciate the music, rhythms, dress, and folklore of each state.