Emmy nominated John Roberts provides the voice of Linda on the Emmy winning FOX animated prime time comedy Bob’s Burgers. He has appeared several times on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Watch What Happens Live, IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!, Archer and The Awesome’s. He’s currently touring nationally with Bob’s Burgers Live and has performed in two international tours with Margaret Cho as well as her Showtime special. John is currently writing  a show with H Jon Benjamin for Amy Poehler’s Paper Kite and HBO. He just wrote and sang with Blondie on their critically acclaimed new album Pollinator. John first gained attention as one of the standout performer/writers on YouTube. His first viral video “The Christmas Tree” was hailed as an instant comedy classic. It was nominated for a broadband Emmy award and was featured on countless other blogs and websites. The follow up “Jackie & Debra” won The Comedy Smalls award in London and has a huge cult following both young and old. He has over 20 million hits on YouTube and counting and continues making new videos with the likes of Debbie Harry and David Cross. He performs several times a year at NYC’s famous Joe’s Pub and will release his first music EP produced by Big Black Delta in 2018.


In this one man show and multi-media presentation, John Roberts takes students on the hilarious sometimes heartbreaking romp of his personal life.  He shares the inspirational story, of his struggles and triumphs, and his persistence in pursuing a career in comedy.   Through it all, he reminds students of the importance of not giving up on their dreams.  John also opens up about his personal experience of coming out and the challenges he faced in doing so.  There will of course be guest appearances of his favorite characters including the infamous Linda Belcher! His performance will be followed by a lengthy Q&A and a meet and greet.

"The Lesley community was thrilled with having John Roberts come to our school. John is a wonderful person who can create a safe and personable environment for whoever attends his shows. The relatability that John brings to the show is amazing. He is so open and honest when answering questions or giving advice to the people in the crowd. John will take the time to meet and speak with everyone who wishes to see him, and it’s not often you get an actor who does that. He’s truly kind."

Mich CzlapinskiCAB Lesley University