Pinqy Ring is a Puerto Rican woman MC, speaker, educator and activist from Chicago. During the span of her career, Pinqy has been featured on several acclaimed stages in Chicago, (including the Taste of Chicago in 2017), and has played in over 15 cities nationwide. She has also represented on international stages, performing in Spain, Cambodia, Cuba, Ghana, Thailand and Vietnam. Pinqy joined La Belle Hip Hop in Belgium as the U.S. representative for their International Women’s Day Festival, and in October she visited Morocco for her second Hip Hop Diplomacy program sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Pinqy is a two-time recipient of the City of Chicago’s prestigious Individual Artist Program grant, and the awardee of a 2018 Illinois Arts Council grant. She has been featured on the cover of HYPE Magazine, as well as in The Chicago Tribune, ThisIs50, Karen Civil, Fake Shore Drive, PBS and more. Pinqy completed her first U.S. tour, “The Rise of the Phoenix”, in 2017 – traveling to 8 cities for a combination of concerts and youth workshops, partially sponsored by the City of Chicago. She is a proud member of the U.S. State Department’s renowned Next Level Program, performing and teaching internationally as a Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador for the United States.

Pinqy prides herself in her lyrical prowess and ability to rap in both Spanish and English, as well as the courage to fearlessly tell her story and connect with people while doing so. Outside of music, Pinqy is an avid philanthropist. She has been featured on several panels, including A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, and has spoken at schools, nonprofits and Universities worldwide. A Latina artist on the rise, Pinqy Ring shines bright with the determination to share her story while encouraging others to find their truth, live in it unapologetically and tell it authentically.


Herstory: Celebrating Women and the Female Narrative – It is no secret that women have been and often are overlooked in professional capacities. In every day interactions and encounters, women are having to deal with challenges based solely on their gender. Using the vehicle of Hip Hop, one of the musical genres that significantly lacks equal female representation, Pinqy shines a light on women and uses her story to share what success has looked like for her, (and many other women), despite adversity.

A Seat At the Table: Creative Entrepreneurship, Activism, Leadership and Education – Living in an age of bountiful knowledge, it is no surprise that young people are leaning more towards entrepreneurship. But with so much access to the information, it is important for young entrepreneurs to explore their craft and learn how to become leaders in their communities. As a rapper, educator, speaker and Cultural Ambassador, Pinqy shares her secrets to success for the creative entrepreneur. She engages students in discovering their path, finding their “Big Why”, honing leadership skills, and more.

What’s Your Story? – Pinqy Ring gets raw with her story and performance, providing an example for students on how to follow their own dreams and positively use their voices. From her experience with childhood sexual abuse, to a near-fatal car crash, to traveling the world and sharing her truth, Pinqy challenges listeners to see their challenges as steps to success. This interactive workshop aims to have participants begin to think about writing and sharing their own narratives to create change.

Yo Soy Boricua, Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas! – In a time where stereotypes are running rampant and cultural identities are being stifled, it is important to understand and celebrate Latinx culture. As a Chicago Puerto Rican, Pinqy’s point of pride has always been her Borinken heritage. This workshop will delve into that pride, but also teach about Latinx cultural awareness and sensitivity, and focus specifically on Pinqy’s work on the diaspora. With music in both English and Spanish, and activism very much rooted in Latinx communities, her platform has always challenged the status quo of inequality. This is an opportunity to talk, teach, and learn to create a bridge of understanding, compassion, and acceptance.

Other Topics that Can Be Covered:

Workshops can be tailored to address specific issues at your campus/organization. Topics can include, but are not limited to: Self-confidence, bullying, body image, surviving sexual abuse, Hip Hop, social justice, street violence, identity, expression through art, teamwork, creative writing, pursuing dreams, “Me, Too” movement, Spoken Word poetry, songwriting, feminism, activism, social justice, equality, higher education, choices, self-awareness and second chances.