"Jeff Schoep was the leader of this country's largest neo-Nazi organization. Unlike some who abandon that ideology, Mr. Schoep did not retire from white supremacy, he did not resign from it. He renounced it and dedicates his life to removing it from our society. Meeting him the first time in 2016, he told me, "I will fight to the last bullet for my people." Today he has replaced his fight for exclusion with his love of inclusion and traded in the bullets for his people with words of equality and empowerment for all people. I am proud to welcome Jeff into my circle of close friends." Daryl Davis, Musician & Activist

"Jeff and I are so different and yet I will always value his friendship and empathy and view him as a living symbol of redemption, proof that America is about second chances." - Larry Kuperman, Director of Business Development for Nightdive Studios & Author

"Jeff Schoep, once the leader of the National Socialist Movement, now bravely leads the way for others to exit white supremacist and violent extremist groups, leading by example, while also lending a helping and supportive hand." - Anne Speckhard, Director, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism


Before founding Beyond Barriers, Jeff Schoep, extremism expert, was National Leader of the largest neo-Nazi organization in the USA, the National Socialist Movement… until the day he encountered two adult survivors of racist attacks. Those encounters changed Jeff’s life. He left the NSM as a result.

Jeff now uses his past experience and insights to help combat and prevent violent extremism. In addition to founding Beyond Barriers, he is an international extremism disengagement consultant, public speaker and peace advocate. While working to promote peace building, Jeff helps to educate communities and policy makers on the threat of extremism and how to effectively counter and prevent violent extremism.


Leaving Hate Behind – Why did I leave after 27 years in the far right? My journey out and how the power of  kindness, empathy, and compassion changed my life.

Factors for Radicalization and Disengagement – Is it hate or is it love? What the researchers don’t understand about joining and leaving extremist groups.

Peace Building & Human Rights Issues – How do we develop conscience and tolerance? The importance of cross-cultural dialogue.

Inside White Nationalism – What’s it like? A deep dive into the shadowy underworld that is American Nazism and White Nationalism.

Other Topics Include:

Re-Branding & Marketing

The Power of Dialogue &  Listening

Diversity & Inclusivity