The Goods : Sexual Ethics and Solid Relationships

Advocates’ flagship program designed to improve cultural awareness and illustrate key concepts like: Consent, Personal Boundaries, and Communication.

Modern dating and relationships are extremely complex. Navigating issues like stereotyping, “red flag” behaviors, and accountability is critical for building foundations of mutual respect. This, in turn, can prevent misunderstandings, bigotry, and abuse. This program also introduces participants to “Bystander Intervention” strategies and tactics for interrupting problem situations, a proven technique for making communities safer.

Graham Hackett provides a rare male voice calling for an end to sexual and relationship violence.

A seasoned educator and professional advocate, Graham spent most of his career as a specialist serving “high risk” youth, ultimately reaching juvenile inmates as part of gang violence prevention efforts in North Carolina. In 2014, he pivoted to join the movement to end sexual and domestic violence by touring programs to colleges across the country, advocating for consent culture. Graham went on to serve as Director of Prevention Programs for the rape crisis center of Buncombe County, NC before moving to his current position as Social Change Program Manager for with Advocates of Routt County in Colorado. Leveraging over 20 years as a program facilitator, he connects with a wide range of audiences to present Advocates’ programs for conferences, schools, colleges, businesses, and community groups.

Other Programs Include:

Goods for Business: Empower Your Workforce to Prevent Misconduct

Good for Business is not your typical anti-harassment training intended to scare employees, cast blame, and trudge through procedures. To prevent sexual misconduct, harassment or other conduct issues requires simple, effective improvements to workplace culture.

Media Savvy: Digital Citizenship and Avoiding Online Risks

This program addresses critical issues such as Sexting, Cyber-bullying, Catfishing, Grooming, and Faulty Social Narratives

Intervene:  Interrupting Toxic Behavior Makes All Communities Safer

“Bystander Intervention” is widely known as one of the most effective, proven methods for reducing problem behaviors within a community. Intervene expands on traditional bystander intervention trainings that teach skills for preventing sexual misconduct to address harmful racist and bigoted abuses as well. This program draws from real world scenarios to outline strategies and tactics for safely interrupting misconduct before it escalates to abuse.