Ken Nwadike, Jr. – Conversations with Ken

For Orientation, Staff Development, Conferences and Leadership

Ken Nwadike, Jr. has done many things in his life.  He founded the Hollywood Half-Marathon to help the homeless after overcoming homelessness himself as a student athlete.  He created successful businesses it the midst of a world crashing pandemic.  As The Free Hugs Guy, He risked his life on the frontlines of protests across the nation, de-escalating violence in the midst of intense anger. Daily he provides loving example of family connection for his 5 children.  Despite all these seemingly large accomplishments, sometimes the most powerful thing Ken does, is done softly.  Ken is a master of difficult conversations, of bridging divides, and helping the many parts of an organization or team feel connected.  As one participant remarked after a conversation with Ken, “Now I know how to talk with my uncle this Thanksgiving!”  This is the quiet work of building relationships.  Relationships that change hearts and minds.  The relationships we all really want.  The relationships that remind us that we belong.  We belong in Unity, we belong in understanding, and we belong in Love.  In Conversations with Ken, Ken brings your group together for these important conversations.  He is a leader’s leader, and he leads with kindness, respect and hope.