Now’s the time to book something wonderful for Hispanic Heritage Month! Whether you want some to celebrate with dance and music, educate and inform, or help your group understand themselves or their peers, we have a perfect program for you!

Join Angelica Maria this fall for one of her MANY options! This week we are highlighting her workshop A Pledge To the Body.

People of color carry centuries of colonization, shame, and violence in our bodies. Latinas at an early age become hyper sexualized in society. We are either fetishized or shamed for our style of dress, our hair, or our hips. Women are accustomed to hating some part of ourselves, a terrifying 91% of us as a matter of fact. It is our job as women, to rewrite this narrative. Often we think of a pledge as a written allegiance to our country, however it is about time we began writing them to ourselves. In this workshop, writers identify a part of their bodies they have always been taught to hate and write a dedication to it. Through this process, writers can uproot shame and become patriots of their own skin. #latinx #poetry #belonging