Tara Handron: Actress and Author of “Drunk with Hope in Chicago.”

“She’s such a nice girl, too bad she drinks so much!” Meet Hope. She is that nice girl (most of the time) who tends to drink too much (most of the time). She and others do this despite the black outs, fights, hang overs, you name it. Why you ask? And even when you know you have a problem, how the heck do you stop? That is what Drunk with Hope in Chicago is about. Drunk with Hope in Chicago is an engaging and entertaining one-woman show that deftly portrays the insidiousness, sometimes fun, but essentially devastating effects of alcoholism. Fortunately, that is not all, because there is a solution to that problem. This play demonstrates that solution in a way that is understandable and accessible.

Developed out of her Georgetown University master’s thesis, Tara Handron tells the stories of over 15 women, some in active alcoholism and some in recovery. Forget what you think you know about alcoholics and recovery. Buckle up for a ride with Ms. Handron who was called by DC TheaterScene, “dynamic and damn near fearless” in her show that the Washington Post described as “skilled at packing humor and theatricality into sociological observations.”

Ms. Handron performs the play in 60 minutes or less, depending on the needs of the group for whom she is performing. It is also followed by a question and answer portion so that she can address questions about why she developed the play, her research, alcoholism, recovery, recovery resources, and so on. In the end, you will have laughed, you will have cried and most importantly you will leave with Hope!