Tania Katan is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker who believes in storytelling at all costs. She has been a featured speaker at CiscoLive!, Expedia, Etsy, S.H.E. Summit, Carbon, Humana, NPR, Comedy Central Stage, TEDx, and more. Her work has been written about in Huffington Post, TIME, The New York Times, USA Today, BuzzFeed, GLAMOUR, Bored Panda, and other media outlets. Katan is currently working on a book about sneaking more creativity into less overtly creative spaces like school, cubicles, bathrooms, and boardrooms to be published by Random House in 2019.


Creative Trespassing: How to unleash your inner superhero and sneak more imagination into your everyday life!

As Co-Creator of the internationally viral women’s empowerment campaign #ItWasNeverADress, Katan knows a little something about sneaking your superpower into everyday life in order to start a creative revolution.

And now Katan has a map for you to find your superpowers and use them for good, too! She will share uniquely developed exercises for flexing your creative muscles, funny stories from the frontlines of an everyday disruptor and enough inspirational shouting to make your high school soccer coach crack a smile.

With wit, courage and gusto, Tania’s performance-style talks are dynamic, hilarious and inspirational. Whether she’s sharing the power of everyday activism or encouraging thousands of people to make invisible people, places and ideas, visible, Katan uses humor to point out injustices and create a new way for seeing the ordinary as extraordinary!

This book rocks! It’s passionate, playful, and downright beautiful.

Melissa Etheridge

This woman will probably change the way you look at signs for the women’s bathroom forever.


…now that I’ve seen this, I’m hooked. I’d also like a cape that says #feminist, please. It feels like something Beyoncé would wear.


My One-Night Stand With Cancer is one of the best cancer memoir’s I have ever read. I love Tania’s warmth, her raunch, her spit-in-your-face honesty. Any woman who has been diagnosed will recognize Katan as the real deal.

Library Journal (Star Review)

With her crisp script and knack for storytelling, Katan has given us permission to laugh at her trials as we view before us not a cancer survivor, but a woman who has decided to grab life by the horns and ride that smelly bull –this is the magic of the play, this is the strength of Ms. Katan.

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