Pete Dunlap MAED, is an expert in technology overuse and addiction.  His organization, Digital Detangler, equips students with tools and strategies that enable healthier digital habits and promote wellbeing.  He has found that college students are experiencing overwhelming mental health problems that directly relate to how they misuse technology

We are now spending 60 hours a week with our digital gadgets. Many of us are missing out on quality time at work or with family and friends as we tend to our digital selves. If you have ever felt like your social media profile seems to be living a better life than you, you are not alone. Fortunately, a growing body of research on our connected lives offers fresh insights on how to live productive, calm lives. Digital Detangler provides research-backed solutions to help attendees reclaim time from their devices, all while increasing productivity and lowering stress and anxiety.


Generative AI for Mortals: Pete’s spent the last decade immersed in the bowels of the internet. From startups to federal contracting, he’s had a front seat to the forces revolutionizing our lives, whether we choose to look or not. His candor and storytelling engage audiences seeking to understand and cope with emerging technologies like Generative AI and machine learning. Having built out platforms in special education, the gig economy, sex trafficking prevention, and HIV control, Pete brings technology to life and presents a framework for best exploring these fascinating new tools.

Introduction to Mindful Technology: This is the most popular session. It takes attendees on a journey describing specific changes that have created the always-on world we now inhabit. The second half of the session includes realistic techniques for taking control back over how you spend your time online. Find out why one attendee described this session as “fundamental information needed by society.”

“I've always wanted to alter my use of technology, but this workshop gave me realistic and practical solutions that I plan to actually incorporate in my life!”/Student Attendee Vanderbilt University