Bettie Mae Fikes “Voice” of Selma,  is a powerful, beautiful woman.  She holds Blues audiences in the palm of her well-manicured hand when she takes to the stage and begins to tell each person in that rapt crowd a story.  Yes, she’s a storyteller.  A musical genius of a storyteller.  She’ll weave you into her story with her impromptu lyrics; caress you with that throaty, rich, velvety voice…until you believe you are the only one in the room.  Small in stature, she seems ten feet tall when she’s in the spotlight gazing down at you.  Her voice can vibrate a room until the walls beg for mercy.

Bettie Mae Fikes began singing gospel with her mother at age 4 then, as a founding member of the Freedom Singers, began traveling with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Freedom Rights struggle.  This is how she came to be known as the “Voice” of Selma.  Ms. Fikes has graced the stages of Carnegie Hall, Newport Jazz Festival, the Library of Congress, and numerous Blues Festivals throughout the country.  She has performed with the likes of Joe Turner, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Albert King and Bob Dillon, just to name a few.  Bettie is also a dynamic lecturer, having delivered moving speeches about diversity and civil rights at universities throughout the United States and Canada.