Louisha Barnette, presenter of Self Care for Success, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and Realtor with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in African American History and Community. She is passionate about helping busy professionals find their happy place through self-care.  Louisha also has worked with Colleges and Universities across the country, and understands firsthand the need for creating balance to make the experience rewarding instead of overwhelming. She completed 3 degrees at one time, worked as a tutor, was active on campus, travelled abroad and enjoyed an active social life. Louisha recognizes that College is such an amazing opportunity to do so much. Maintaining balance in self makes it rewarding instead of overwhelming


By taking care of ourselves, we take care of the world. When we feel good there is a greater probability of doing good. In this interactive workshop Louisha Barnette shares specific tips on creating a self care routine that nurtures mental, physical, emotional and energetic health during this unprecedented time.

Preventing Burnout

Burn out can cause unhappiness and detachment. In this interactive workshop, Louisha Barnette teaches students how practicing good self-care helps build resilience and reduce vulnerability to stress. While all students can benefit from learning self-care habits, it is Ideal for students entering the fields of healthcare, social work, counseling, and public service.

Power of the Mind

In this interactive workshop Louisha Barnette shares the mind body connection and offers simple tools to deal with anxiety, self-doubt and worry.

Fabulous beyond measure! Louisha is a delight with a gentle presence and quite impactful for our group.

Mary Lou GalantinoPT, PhD, MSCE, FAPTA Distinguished Professor of Physical Therapy Holistic Health Minor Coordinator Stockton University

, it was an excellent event, exceeding our expectations for a meaningful, relevant experience for students.

Patricia DonahueStockton University