Katherine Gray Silvan is a performing artist, ordained Interfaith Minister and a licensed Master of Social Work whose passion is to educate, empower and love people of all backgrounds and faiths. Katherine wrote, directed and starred in her own one-woman show, “Full of Myselves,” has written and performed dozens of character sketches and works as a visiting preacher, sharing the message of universal love, religious tolerance and respect for diversity. For fourteen years she worked as a Hospice chaplain and self-care coach for caregivers of the dying. Katherine’s focus in study has been on being a force of love in the world, and for her the greatest gift of all is being able to share this with the young people of our country.


Self-Care 101: Practicing the Art of Self Love

How can we be a force of love in the world if we haven’t learned how to love ourselves?

In this experiential program, Rev. Katherine Gray Silvan, LMSW engages her audience in the Art of Self-Care. Through dynamic visuals and her provocative and lively presentation style, she shares research-based data covering a full spectrum of areas that focus on the practice of self-love.

  • What is the distinction between being selfish and self-full?
  • How can we assess our own perceptions of healthy self-care?
  • Can we honor ourselves by setting clear boundaries in relationships?
  • What is the connection between our thoughts and behavior?

This one-hour program explores these questions and more, offering short and simple techniques for creating skills in self-care that help us navigate our fears and dreams in the complex world we live in. Strategies include: laughter as medicine, grounding, gratefulness and conscious breathing, aligned with the purpose of creating and sustaining holistic well-being.

Participants will not only spend the session caring for themselves, but they will walk away with the beginnings of a self-care tool box that they can utilize and build on throughout their lives. All will be encouraged to embrace a personal commitment to be a force of love in the world, by first loving oneself!

Many Translations

The Reverend Katherine Silvan’s Many Translations is a fast paced, thought provoking, and intriguingly entertaining lecture that forces listeners to dig into their own beliefs and biases to confront the roots of intolerance. Citing everything from Descartes to Mother Teresa, from the Bible to the Torah to the Quran, Silvan targets the thoughts, associations, and beliefs that we derive our fundamental personalities from, and challenges listeners to examine them for what they are. She encourages her audience to take advantage of the neuroplasticity of their brains; to let them be the authors of their own beliefs, and rewrite the programming that their upbringing, their families, and society has drilled into them. Interfaith is her solution—embracing a personal commitment to be a force for love in the world, and to change the world by first changing yourself. An excerpt from the lecture, which we were fortunate enough to shoot, is above. Enjoy it, be entertained, and enlightened!