We are committed to providing programs that create connections, sustain community, inspire hope and encourage creative expression.

  • Interactive Virtual Programs for 5 – 500 Attendees
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning Opportunities
  • Mental Wellness & Common Core Curriculum
  • Support Materials Available for Asynchronous Learning
  • Orientation Events, Staff Development, Diversity & Inclusivity Training, Conference Keynote Speakers

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Ken Nwadike, Jr. – Speaker, Peace Activist, Filmmaker // Free Hugs Project

Ken's virtual course explores the power of positive human interaction. The goal of this program is to create unity, civility, and build a more diverse and inclusive culture on your campus. Program includes Documentary Film Screening, Virtual Keynote, Live Q&A, and Bonus Lessons.

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Kane Smego – Spoken Word Poet, Hip Hop Artist // Stories for Change

Kane's keynote and workshop helps young people find their voice by exploring and learning to tell their story. Finding one's voice is a process involving an exploration of personal identity and life experience in order to define oneself, build confidence, and become sensitized to the complex identities of others. Virtual Performance/Workshop/Q&A & Virtual Open Mic!

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Angelica Maria & Melania Luisa Marte – Spoken Word & Poetry // Self Care Open Mic – Poetry as Therapy

In this introductory workshop students analyze how form is used in both traditional poetry and modern day performance poetry. By breaking down the techniques used by classic authors in English literature and current day artists, Melania & Angelica paint an exciting entryway into a world of art (poetry) that is often underwhelming to young minds. Performance/Workshop/Q&A & Virtual Open Mic!

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Kelley Tenny- Health and Wellness Coach//Shining the Light on Mental Health

Through this online program, students will be able to participate in self-discovery and start conversations to break the stigma around mental health. Participants will be able to develop personal coping strategies that are necessary for college and life success. Virtual Keynote/Discussion Questions /Mental Wellness Toolkit.

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Jim Donovan//Music and Mindfulness Self Care Strategies for Everyone!

Jim Donovan’s virtual course explores the practical healing power of music. The goal of this program is to give your students evidence-based strategies to help them immediately relieve anxiety, improve mood, deepen sleep, and increase mental focus –all by using beginner friendly music-based techniques.

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Katherine Gray Silvan – Getting REAL with VIRTUAL Self Care

Katherine Gray Silvan -Interfaith Minister - Performance Artist - Inspirational Speaker//, In this program, Katherine shares research-based practices and leads several simple yet shockingly powerful exercises to practice self-care, initiate self-love and embody it in a way that transforms person, life, world. Live Keynote and Workshops.

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John Noltner – A Peace of My Mind // Stories that Inspire Hope, Compassion and Healing.

Join photographer John Noltner on his journey across America as he uses the portraits and stories of the diverse people he meets to rediscover what connects us and understand that there is no "Us" and "Them." There is Only Us offers a unique entry into conversations about conflict resolution, civic responsibility and social change. There is Only Us Keynote/Curriculum/Q&A

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Frank Warren// PostSecret Virtual Program

Frank Warren's virtual course examines how young people are already remaking the world to distance physically without distancing emotionally. and demonstrates tools we can use to help others, and ourselves, with the unique mental wellness challenges during this crisis.He shares what he has learned from his unique insights into the true feelings and challenges people are struggling with during the pandemic. Live online Keynote and Q&A.

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Tania Katan//TedX Speaker -Bestselling Author -Creative Trespasser

Tania's virtual program helps participants unlock their creativity and experience the personal agency necessary to move with and through all uncertain times. She helps them embrace the power and value of CHANGE as a dynamic and necessary force. Course includes Live Q&A, video keynote intro, and activities and stories from "Creative Trespassing."

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