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Thank you NCORE!

By June 6, 2022 June 21st, 2022 No Comments

This was our first time attending NCORE – The National Conference On Race and Ethnicity and it will not be our last.

Gratitude to the entire NCORE staff for making us feel at home and for all of their hard work to create such a successful event.

It was an honor to stand in representation of Angelica Maria and Jeff Schoep. Their sessions were powerful, engaging, and transformative.

A a colleague asked me how NCORE was and my reply sums up my entire review. “NCORE was challenging, tore me apart, totally exhausting, and brought me to my knees, it was an emotional roller coaster that lifted me to the next level, inspired me to work harder, motivated me like no other, brought hope and truth to the table, and left me refueled and full of energy to keep moving forward in the name of peace and justice.”