Versa-Style Dance Company is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization and leading Hip-hop dance ensemble that consists of committed and conscientious artists representing the diversity and beautiful complexity of Los Angeles.

Jackie Lopez aka Miss Funk & Leigh Foaad aka Breeze-lee are the Co-Founders & Co-Artistic Directors of Versa-Style Dance Company. Together they share a common passion for dance and performance and this connection resulted in the creation of Versa-Style Dance Company in 2005. As LA Natives, they embrace the culture and honor the history/legacy of Hip-hop dance by passing it on to the future generations.

Versa-Style is ready to bring their unique mix of high energy, intense movement and introspective choreography front and center fusing hip-hop party dances, popping, locking, breaking and house. Versa-Style has also served as US Cultural Ambassadors traveling, teaching and spreading their love for Hip-hop culture in places such as Israel, India, France, Italy and Colombia to name a few.

For over 15 years now Versa-Style has promoted the empowerment, artistry, and value of hip-hop dance culture through full-length street dance theater productions, educational performances, and deeply rooted social justice work in the community of Los Angeles. Versa-Style will continue to uphold these values and thanks the creators of these powerful movements who continue to inspire us today.

Artist Identity:

We identify as Hip-hop Artivists. For the past 15 years we have been dedicated to the global Hip-hop and street dance community through teaching, club culture, world wide battles and competitions and creating Hip-hop theater works for the concert stage. Hip-hop roots within Black and Latinx communities has served as a tool for social justice, community growth, and personal empowerment and we reflect these values in our artistic work onstage. Furthermore, Hip-Hop dance is the dance of our current generation, which is a reflection of our Black and Latinx communities.

Lastly, we are a multicultural dance ensemble, representing the beautiful yet complex landscape of Los Angeles. We consist of 11company members, 4 whom identify as Black, 4 whom identify as Latinx, and the remaining 3 members identify as either Filipino, Jewish, and Egyptian.