Justin Blackburn is a Progressive Comedian, touring spoken word poet,  author, Inspirational Purpose Speaker, and Life Coach.  Justin discovered early on success is not a destination, but a continual byproduct of expressing who you truly are.  Justin uses his platforms to dive beyond conditioned thoughts to inspire people to find their deeper purpose that guides them to live a life they love.

Justin has been featured in Huff Post, The Good Man Project, World Star Hip Hop, Campus Lately, etc.  His viral spoken word poem ‘White People Us’ has over two million views and he’s received thousands of positive messages for addressing issues most ignore.  Justin has worked as a Youth Leader with the Unity Church, as an Inspirational Speaker in the Spiritual Festival Community, currently he works one on one as a Life Coach, helping his clients thrive inside their daily purpose.

Whether it is spoken word, music, stand-up comedy, inspirational speaking or his book It’s Hard To Get There When You Are Already There, Justin brings compassionate awareness to the unconscious patterns that ruin our desires and make us think negatively about ourselves with the intention of creating a better world for us all.


From Negative To Positive – Growing up depressed with panic attacks, diagnosed with Bi-Polar, in a small southern town, Justin had to find a way to change those negative into positives if he wanted to move out and live the life he desired.  This lecture focuses on learning practical tools that change your negatives into positives in your own daily life as well as explaining how Justin turned inside himself to find the love he desired.

Positive Progressive Poet Comedian – Are you sick of sad sack poetry?  Tired of comics putting people down for a conditioned laugh?  This performance is for you, Justin powerfully expresses his Positive Progressive Poetry and Comedy as well as explaining why to write to inspire and how to be funny in joy, proving profound art can come from happiness!   

Your Purpose Creates Your Life   We are all connected to a deep, meaningful purpose that desires to brighten our beautiful world.  But only a few of us choose to listen to it.  This lecture focuses on why to connect deeper to your purpose, how to listen to that connection while maneuvering through the past patterns keeping you from your truest desires.

White People Us   Justin’s viral spoken word poem ‘White People Us’ has over two million views and thousands of comments from People of Color expressing how thankful they are to Justin for telling the truth.  But that’s all Justin did was tell the truth.  In this lecture Justin breakdowns ‘White People Us’ and shows white people how they can be a strong ally to People of Color simply by educating others, being quiet, and listening with an open heart.