Jim Matthews, M.Ed. provides students, faculty, staff and parents with critical information about college drinking in an entertaining and non-judgmental manner. Jim’s presentations, workshops, and books provide vital information about alcohol’s impact on college students and their friends and families. Jim was the Coordinator of Health Education at Merrimack College in Massachusetts and prior to this position he was the Assistant to the Vice President for Alcohol and Other Drug Programs at Keene State College in New Hampshire where the campus newspaper identified his courses as the “most popular courses” at Keene State.

Jim is a certified trainer for the Prevention Research Institute, has a Certificate in Chemical Dependency Therapy, was a participant in the Professional in Residence Program at the Betty Ford Center in California and is the author of “Beer, Booze and Books…a sober look at higher education,” “The ABCs of College Drinking…25 tips for navigating the collegiate party scene” and “The Parents Guide to College Drinking…facing the challenge together.”

Jim has been recognized by the New Hampshire legislature for his work in alcohol and other drug education and abuse program. He has appeared on ABC-TV, WOR-TV, CNN, NBC Radio and New Hampshire Public Radio and has been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles. Jim has spoken to over 500,000 students on more than 500 campuses throughout the US and Canada.


Beer, Booze, and Books: A Guide to College Drinking

Jim Matthews is an expert on College Drinking.  His programs contain critical, up-to-date and applicable information about alcohol and students. While acknowledging the value of abstinence, his programs include the pertinent information that can assist students in avoiding the negative impact of high risk alcohol consumption. Jim handles this topic with humor and sincerity. His humor shines and helps ease some of the tension and concern that students may have when discussing such a controversial topic. Jim adeptly integrates extensive multi-media that today’s students truly appreciate. Combining lecture with numerous movie clips, video interviews of students, commercials and other media, he captures the attention of students, parents, faculty and everyone else in the audience. With more than 20 years of experience working with elementary, secondary and college students as a teacher, adjunct professor, administrator and parent of two children himself, he presents this sensitive topic in a way that students appreciate and enjoy.

Weed On Campus: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

One of the most perplexing lifestyle challenges faced by college students today is marijuana use. This timely, entertaining and educational harm reduction program provides critical information about marijuana use including:
– driving under the influence
– health risks
– the question of addiction
– peer norms regarding marijuana use
– edibles and other forms of delivery

Modeled after Jim’s nationally recognized “Beer, Booze and Books” alcohol education program, this non-judgmental approach includes abstinence as the lowest risk choice while also providing risk reduction suggestions for students who choose to consume marijuana.