Jana M Gamble is a Keynote Speaker, Producer, Director, Author and Advocate. Since 2015, Gamble has served as the Vice President and Spokesperson for the Michael Brown Foundation DBA Chosen For Change. Jana is an energetic, fun-loving, compassionate woman of great faith. She unapologetic-ally embraces her multicultural heritage which she identifies with as Blexican.

Jana’s magnetic smile and contagious energy have created a lot of positive noise in the Midwest and beyond. Jana has spoken for Presidents and top leaders in the Corporate and Non-Profit worlds, but thoroughly enjoys sharing her multidimensional stories with students and families of all demographics and backgrounds.

Gamble uses her experiences to inspire people of all ages, sharing how she has had to Shift to Live throughout her life to fight for justice, overcome racism, abuse, homelessness and even cancer. Jana adopted a passion for Organ Donation in 2011 when she set out to donate her kidney to a Veteran friend. One year later, Gamble was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma which now fuels her passion for spreading cancer awareness. Jana gracefully takes pride in bringing her audience an unforgettable experience that can transform both their hope and their thought process on the subject at hand.

Gamble believes that everything happens for a reason and that all of her life experiences were blessings that allow her to spread hope to help others around the world so that they too can Shift to Live! Each of the obstacles she’s faced provide inspiration to her film and writing projects. Jana has also Self-Published 107 Ways to Give When You Think You Have Nothing to Give, Capture Your Giving & Blessings and I Am a Child of God with more books to come.

“In life we will all experience trauma, loss and heartache. I strive to keep you SHIFTing so that you can go to a new level in life. Without the SHIFT you will remain in the same mindset, attitude or atmosphere.” Jana M. Gamble


Jana M Gamble – Speaker Programs:

  1. Keynote Presentations: Inspirational and Motivational true stories of how Gamble has overcome tests, trials and tragedies intertwined with strategies and lessons that the audience can implement into their everyday lives. *Presentations can be customized for your event if specified.
  • Shift to Live – Learning how to go to a new level in life.
  • Echoes – Getting past your past and present.
  • Live 2 Give – Living beyond this “all about me” and selfie society.
  • SELAH! – Living in the pauses of life.


  1. Writing Workshops: Customizable Workshops using writing and Spoken Word expression to discuss difficult subject matters such as Racism, Social Justice, Domestic Violence and Cancer.