Jim Dugan of the World Peace Sanctuary will personally lead The World Peace Flag Ceremony on your campus. Not only is Jim the Manager of The World Peace Sanctuary, he is a seasoned event professional who has held management positions for some of the biggest rock festivals in the US and has worked with literally hundreds of national and world touring acts ranging from James Brown to Phish.


THE INTERNATIONAL FLAG CEREMONY, which has been held on every continent and in every major city on earth, brings the simple message of peace to your campus and is a global celebration like no other. Together we will go on a journey around the globe naming every country and raising their flag one by one. We will send our wishes for peace to all life in that land while rising above national boundaries, religions and ideologies. THE INTERNATIONAL FLAG CEREMONY provides students the opportunity to proudly carry the national flag of their choice, and to share a short personal passage about that country. Led by Jim Dugan, the Manger of the World Peace Sanctuary, THE INTERNATIONAL FLAG CEREMONY will leave a lifelong impression in the minds and hearts of everyone present and remind them that we are all in this together. THE INTERNATIONAL FLAG CEREMONY is a must have event for every globally and socially aware campus.