Hannah is an environmentalist, educator, backpacker, and sustainability enthusiast. Her love of the natural world, fostered in childhood, became a life path while working as a naturalist at an outdoor school in California, and continued through trail work, farmers markets, kayak guiding, and non-profit outreach/education promoting zero waste in NYC.

After a series of events that included losing her job in the pandemic, a flight from New York to California, and the west coast wildfires of 2020, Hannah decided she would no longer be flying. She would walk back East, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, to raise awareness about climate change, protest fossil fuels, and fundraise for climate-action organization, The Sunrise Movement.

On November 21st, 2020 Hannah left San Clemente, CA with her backpack, hiking poles, and a route plan that would end up changing countless times over the next six months and three weeks. 3,081 miles later, Hannah walked into the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach, VA.

In this program, Hannah recounts the highlights and lowlights of seven months solitude, the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of life on the road, the effects of climate change across the country, and getting to experience the spirit of America – slowly and intimately.  The earth is what we all have in common, and it will take all of us to make lasting change. But all of us starts with one of us. Through the story of her journey, Hannah discusses the power of one, creating connection and community in fleeting moments, and passion as the agent for change.