Jodi was appointed by the Governor of the State of Michigan to the bench after serving as a Metro-Detroit felony prosecutor with a perfect trail record. Her education, including her undergraduate, masters and even her juris doctorate, have focused on issues of substance abuse, mental health and interpersonal violence.

She now practices law focusing on, among other things, medical malpractice and business liabilities pertaining to substance use and abuse. She is a partner with The Stutman Switalski Group (TSSG) where she performs over 150  presentations to varying demographics annually.

Jodi has received numerous awards and appointments and has been named outstanding speaker or presented as keynote/plenary speaker at such notable engagements as the International Conference on Opioids at Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, the United States Probation Departments, CADCA and more.

She is a frequent guest on television and radio for Fox, NBC and CBS and has been featured in several documentaries including the PBS short, “Invisible Wounds” and the upcoming HBO special, “Needles in the Hay.” Her current publications include “Where My JD meets Your MD” and “Your Name is on the Bottle.”


Ready or Not, Here it Comes! The impact of legal marijuana on the workplace policies, programs and liabilities – solutions to clear the smoke and mitigate the risk. 

It is estimated that 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who abuse drugs are employed and in the workplace, costing US business owners more than $140 billion annually.  This includes the use of marijuana.  So whether you agree or disagree with the use and legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, after the election cycle in November of 2018 more than 30 states will have legalized medical marijuana and a dozen or so will have legalized recreational use.  The first question you should be asking, “Is my business/company/workplace prepared to address the myriad of issues that this presents?”  The next question could be, “In what state is my business(es) located?” Or, “How many federal dollars do I receive?” “Can I terminate an employee who tests positive even with a legal prescription?” Without argument, the questions are starting to flood your mind and let me reassure you, with the ever-fluid state of marijuana legislation, the incongruence with Federal law and the shifting public policy, the answers are constantly changing.  Two things are without fail (at this very moment):  1. You must have a policy regarding drug use and 2. You should have a policy that addresses impairment and intoxication in the workplace.  These and other key issues to assist you in creating solutions to this every changing issue include:

  1. What marijuana is and isn’t – a discussion of hemp, CBD, marijuana and more;
  2. Who are the users and why – understanding the science behind the medical theory;
  3. Marijuana as an addictive substance and addictions impact on the workplace, costs to the employer and more;
  4. The current conflicts between State and Federal laws and the disparity that exists within each jurisdiction locally and nationally (a discussion of regional differences);
  5. Shifting trends in substance abuse and the relationship with Drug Free Workplace Policies, Employee Assistance Programs, the EEOC and more;
  6. The impact of the ADA and Discrimination in the Workplace as it relates to legal prescription substances including medical marijuana;
  7. Drug testing, drug testing, drug testing;
  8. Status of the law and litigation (liabilities) that exist relating to substance abuse in the workplace, drug screening and failure to train and inform with recommendations to cure liabilities and reduce costs;
  9. Creating effective solutions for the workplace that protect you and your employees while saving you money – the “Be the Change.”


Personal and Professional Liabilities in the Era of the Greatest Drug Epidemic our Country has Experienced: Curing the defects to your knowledge in both business and personal protocols.
At a time when current studies show that 70% of employers have been impacted by prescription drugs and only 19% feel prepared to deal with prescription drug use, the epidemic is costing businesses in this country billions of dollars annually. An intensely informative presentation, riddled with research, caselaw, anecdotes and wit, Judge Jodi will leave you with an understanding unlike any other of the current epidemic along with the tools to move forward to protect your business, yourself and your employees from the effects of the greatest drug epidemic this country has ever experienced. Drug Free Workplace policies, Employee Assistance Programs and Safety Testing laws and regulations are often outdated and could never have contemplated as originally written the impact of the use of controlled substances on the workplace, not to mention the legalization of marijuana. Key issues covered include:

  • Current state of the controlled substance epidemic in the United States and Internationally
  • Impact of the use and misuse of controlled substances on the individual and family
  • Impact of the use and misuse of controlled substance on the business/employer
  • Shifting trends in substance abuse and the relationship with Drug Free Workplace Policies, Employee Assistance Programs and the EEOC
  • Status of the law and litigation (liability) relating to substance use and abuse in the workplace, drug screening and failure to train and inform with recommendations to cure liability
  • Policy updates and employee education including the basics on controlled substances, influencers on risk, the impact on the family, current substance abuse trends and
The Undeniable Truth about the 21st Century Drug Epidemic and Solutions for Making a Difference
“This program meets the criteria for CME and CE Credits”
Opioids are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Last year alone, deaths from opioids increased 533%! And despite the increase in illicit opioid use and potency of these drugs, deaths related to legal opioid prescriptions remain high. Bob & Judge Jodi will discuss the etiology of this drug epidemic, the paradigm shift in the US and how this epidemic differs from previous generations. Questions answered include: What are the predictors of whether or not a child will use? What prevention actually works? Bob and Judge Jodi provide current, peer reviewed research and real-life stories from the front lines of today’s families to
educate and provide tools to help empower and protect medical professionals, our children, our communities and our workplace against the most devastating drug epidemic in American history.