Harry Pepper, Ph.D. is a senior consultant and coach at the telos institute, a leading global organizational development firm. At telos, Harry supports the world’s foremost leaders and organizations by designing, supporting, and facilitating liminal space opportunities to catalyze disproportionate transformational change. His expertise in identifying individual and organizational strengths partners with his philosophy that prioritizes awareness, allowing individuals and organizations to better understand and address unconscious, self-limiting, belief and behavior patterns in order to actualize their most essential and highest goals.


Harry is a psychologist with more than 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups of diverse client populations in private practice and college counseling center environments. He has served for over 15 years as an international coach and facilitator of leadership and organizational development work across a wide range of settings and industries. Harry’s early career highlights include his time as a staff psychologist at Oberlin College and as the Director of Adult Programs at Common Ground, a non-profit organization committed to mindfulness, conscious living, and leadership development.


Love and Presence: A Modern-Day Map for Living an Extraordinary Life

We have been taught to believe that living the life we desire for ourselves and our loved ones involves challenge, struggle, effort and an experience of striving in order to be successful.  Our growing, collective wisdom is providing us a new map for success that involves a radical and new relationship with ourselves, a life of embodied presence and self-love.

In this interactive and experience-based session, we will learn and explore some simple and accessible states of awareness.  These states contribute to our capacity for love and presence and create opportunities to unlock our innate potential.  Through deep personal insights and discovering creative solutions to old problems, we evolve in our capacity to fully accept and embrace ourselves. In learning to accept and love ourselves fully and completely, as we are in this moment, we begin to experience an extraordinary life, a life beyond the limits of our imagination.