Harry Pepper, Ph.D. earned his B.A. in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, completed his APA (American Psychological Association) accredited, pre-doctoral internship at Ball State University, and in 1996, earned his APA accredited Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Kent State University. Dr. Pepper is a psychologist and the Director of Adult Programs at Common Ground, The Cindy Nord Center for Renewal. Common Ground is a non-profit organization offering programming and retreats related to mind, body, spirit wellness and community development, emphasizing themes of conscious living and leadership. He is an experienced presenter on a wide range of topics including holistic and alternative healing approaches, shadow work, relationship issues, and men’s issues. Dr. Pepper also maintains a private practice with Palmentera & Associates, Inc. and he has an international life coaching practice, working with clients of diverse personal and business backgrounds. He has more than 15 years of experience providing individual, couples and group therapy to a diverse population of clients.


Change Your Consciousness – Change Your Life!
Living a powerful and conscious life, free of limitations, involves recognizing that changing our lives begins with changing the relationship we have with ourselves. In this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore altered consciousness states as a method of building healthier relationships with their inner selves. Nurturing this internal relationship will often provide new creative solutions to old problems and patterns, deep personal insight, emotional and physical healing, and newly discovered levels of self-acceptance. Come learn how a drum, a specific rhythm, and an ancient healing technique adapted for the modern day can change your life!

Conscious Leadership: Realizing Your Potential in a Fast Paced World
Living in our fast-paced world today, in a culture that has come to expect constant communication and immediate information, it seems we are forced to either sacrifice our productivity or our sanity. A conscious leader realizes that all the changes we want to see in our external world begin with a change in our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or attitudes. Each one of us has within us unrealized leadership potential that can be developed with our awareness in the present moment, understanding our world view and recognizing the importance of relationships in our lives. In this presentation Dr. Pepper will offer some simple concepts and tools to increase self-awareness, helping us to realize more of our potential as conscious leaders of our own lives.