Cherine Badawi is an accomplished experiential educator and instructional designer who has worked globally to bring people together across lines of difference and empower them to create a more socially just, thriving and peaceful world. She has designed and facilitated hundreds of transformational workshops to young people in more than a dozen countries focusing on leadership development, intercultural communication, gender issues, community building and social change. Cherine was as an intrinsic member of the inaugural voyage of The Scholar Ship, a transnational floating university that brought together students and staff from more than 50 countries. Cherine served as a senior trainer for Challenge Day, an innovative social change program recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.


Re-membering Our Power
Cherine Badawi grew up in the US as a first generation immigrant from the Middle East. Through her personal story of navigating cultural worlds with very different perspectives on gender, she takes students on a journey to understand the social conditioning of gender and the power of women to rise beyond the constrictions of their times.

Sharing the World: Raising Our Global Intelligence
Having traveled to more than 50 countries and lived for extended periods of time in four continents, Cherine Badawi considers herself a Global Citizen. In this interactive presentation, she takes students on a journey to discover four critical skills that underlie Global Intelligence and support students in being effective anywhere in the world.

“Hosting you on Stetson’s campus was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made...”

Rina TovarVice President of Campus Life, Stetson University

“Your workshops have been very helpful in discovering myself; how I viewed the world, who I really wanted to be, what I wanted to achieve, why I want to see changes, and what I can contribute to make a difference.”

Eng Tze Ngstudy abroad student aboard The Scholar Ship