Sir Bill Engel is a knighted World War II veteran, whose family escaped from Nazi Germany before the war.  Bill was also the loving partner of Esther Bauer, a holocaust survivor who spoke around the country with Bill at her side.  After her death at the age of 92 in November 2016, Bill discovered her memoirs, and decided he must not let her story go.  In this loving tribute, Bill recounts his own memories of growing up Jewish in Nazi Germany.  He explains what life was like for him there when the Nazi’s came to power.  After immigrating to America he faced the prejudice of being from an “enemy” country before being recruited into the army.  He recounts his role in fighting in World War II, eventually liberating France from Nazi Occupation.  He also shares his love story with Holocaust Survivor Esther Bauer.  He ends by reading Esther’s story in her honor and memory.

There are fewer and fewer World War II veterans left to tell their story, and few who remember the important lessons of that time.  This is an important time to remember their service and honor the memory of those whose lives were lost.