Todd Bura is an artist and arts educator who is passionate about creating experiences where all people can access the art making process.  He helps participants achieve this through his program Art Meet-Up a Creative Connection.  The impulse to communicate through art comes to us early in childhood.  As we mature, our ability to draw and paint is often interrupted and thought of as lost.  Todd asks us to view this interruption as a mere pause, and engages us in simple situational exercises to restart our ability and desire to communicate through creating.

Todd received a master’s degree in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine and a bachelor’s degree in Painting from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  He has taught art courses to high school and undergraduate students and has worked on art projects with folks ranging from toddlers to adults.  He has been exhibiting in galleries and museums for over ten years and lives with his wife and three children in New Jersey.


Todd Bura will facilitate an art meet up event, where students will be introduced to various mediums while they collaborate on a group project.  The purpose of the evening will be to find common ground through art and creativity, a wellspring of our humanity.  While of course artists are welcomed and encouraged to attend, one need not be an artist to join in the fun.  Students will learn about art history, discover their latent artistic abilities, and learn about each other through dialogue around the topic of choice for the University.  Supplies and music will be provided, students just need to bring their true self!  A great way to connect with new people, deepen your relationships, break the ice for orientation, or even have a large group date night for Valentines!