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Self Care – Mindful Poetry

By April 9, 2022 No Comments

It’s time to change my surroundings and practice a little self care. My wife has been my personal “self care coach”. More like the person trying to convince me to stop my never ending “to do list” and take some guilt free time for myself. Thanks to her, I never miss a morning hike or weekly gathering with my mountain biking crew. I have finally seen the light. My self care is my joy!

I’m grateful for my privilege to practice self care. Feeling the pain of my Ukrainian family, I’m reminded about how uncertain these times are and how much pain and suffering exists. How much self care is needed and will be needed in Ukraine. In all of our communities, in our homes, in our hearts.

I’m reminded of Angélica María and Melania Luisa Marte of Adios America’s powerful Self Care program called Mindful Poetry – Creating in Times of Uncertainty. Using poetry and writing as an outlet to validate experiences & heal through difficult times. Poetry can be used to release, reveal, and inspire. We can all use a little inspiration right about now.