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Relational Dialogue – with former Nazi Extremist Jeff Schoep

By May 6, 2022 No Comments
Conscious Campus will be at NCORE in few short weeks.   Facilitator Jeff Schoep will present on Relational Dialogue This session will explore the intricacies of extremism in America, focusing on methodologies for disassociation from white supremacy organizations.  Jeff draws on personal experience and illustrates how in combination with relational dialogue principles, training can provide for an effective strategy for individuals and institutions to aid in deprogramming extremists.  He uses relational dialogue to emphasize and illustrate the importance of discourse and communication as an effective means to countering extremism.  Furthermore, it will become evident that these same principles can be employed for any interpersonal relations and help to foster tolerance and understanding in any environment.
There is a lot of talk about Nazis in the headlines today.  Jeff Schoep the former National Leader of the largest neo-Nazi organization in America, and a man who sat down with two victims of hate groups and racism, both assaulted and injured in childhood – and walked away from extremism forever as a result. Extremist leaders don’t talk – except when they are promoting propaganda, giving ultimatums or taking credit for attacks. It is incredibly rare for an extremist leader to exit and be willing to take up the task of counter-extremism, much less a leader of 25 years. In short, there is no such leader available to tell the public what is actually going on in these groups, how they are founded, structured and maintained, and how they disintegrate – except for Jeff Schoep. After leaving the National Socialist Movement in 2019, he publicly denounced his former ideology and went through the grueling process of recovering his humanity, his compassion and himself.Jeff Schoep transitioned from mastering propaganda that promoted hatred and fear to total dedication to the truth. Now a counter-extremism trainer, advisor, and presenter, Jeff Schoep tirelessly holds talks, lectures and workshops from his unique vantage point. He once was infamous – today, he is deadly serious about combating extremism. “For every former I help exit, there are potentially thousands of people who won’t become their victims.” – Jeff Schoep