Adios America – Spoken Word

Duet Spoken Word Showcase-Uprooting the Latina Narrative

Bettie Mae Fikes “Voice” of Selma

Founder of Freedom Singers

Kane Smego-Spoken Word/Hip Hop

Spoken Word Poet

Pierce Freelon Diversity Artist

Emmy-Award Winning Black Studies Professor

Pinqy Ring Hip Hop

Hip Hop Artist, Social Justice Activist, Women's Advocate, Youth Educator

Versa-Style Dance Company – Empowering Through Hip-Hop

Multicultural Hip Hop Dance Ensemble

James “Fuzz” Sangiovanni Musician

America’s Musical Melting Pot

The Beast Jazz Hip-Hop

Indie Jazz and Progressive Hip-Hop

Cody Blackbird Native American Flutist

International Award Winning Native American Flutist

Justin Blackburn Progressive Comedian

Spoken Word Poet

Namoli Brennet Transgender Singer-Songwriter

Transgender Singer/Songwriter ….. “We Belong.”

Jim Donovan Community Music Making

World Drum Circle

Global Sound Bath Self-Care

Sound Self Care

Tara Handron Actress

Drunk With Hope in Chicago

Tania Katan Inspirational Speaker

Performer, Speaker, Artivist, Survivor

Kotchegna Dance Company

Traditional Dance of the Ivory Coast

Mohammad Moussa Spoken Word

Shattered Glass


Modern Soul & R&B-Influenced Rock Sound

Pasofino Social Club

Traditional Latin Music

Qadim Ensemble

Sacred & Folkloric Music of the Near East


Japanese Taiko Drum & Dance

Vaneese Thomas

R&B Soul Singer Passing on African-American Musical Traditions