The bees need us and we need the bees. As harsh as it may sound if the bees die, we die. Unfortunately, bee populations are declining at alarming rates. There is something we all can collectively do and it takes zero effort. If you were planning on starting up your lawnmower today, you will love this idea. Save bees by saving bees’ critical pollinating landscape by not mowing your lawn in May! May is flowering Month for our beloved pollinators and our bees need all of the healthy flowers as possible. They love wildflowers, clover and dandelions. Simply do nothing and you save bees and our lives! It’s brilliant! .

Save some time in May! Maybe spend it with the family or some valued time alone, go on a hike, take a nap, clean out that old closet, plant a garden, do whatever makes you smile just don’t mow the lawn!

For more information check out NO MO MAY