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Kelley is a health and wellness coach and university professor who is dedicated to college students and their educational journey. For over 20 years, Kelley has been impacting hundreds of people a year in the areas of health and wellness by helping them up-level their quality of life and thrive.

Shining the Light

As a health and wellness expert, and college professor, Kelley shares her personal story of overcoming mental health challenges such a chronic anxiety and thoughts of suicide by finding the courage to start a conversation. Through one single conversation, Kelley was able to start her journey to heal that allowed her to successfully complete her college career and move on to education where she eventually began to work with college students. It was at this time, she discovered that so many of her own college students were secretly experiencing very similar issues of anxiety and overwhelm. Through this online program, students will be able to participate in self-discovery and start conversations to break the stigma around mental health. They will be supported in using growth mindset and mental wellness strategies that focus on comprehensive health and wellness. Participants will be able to develop personal coping strategies that are necessary for college and life success.

Kelley will meet with groups via a Zoom platform and participants can access the Discussion Questions and Mental Wellness Toolbox from the Modules below once they have signed up for the course.

Module 1 Birth Order

While there have been many studies about birth order, there are opposing thoughts on whether or not birth order have an impact on personality. What we do know is that the expectations placed on birth order from parents and others do have a direct impact on self-image and self-identity.

In this module, students will explore beliefs that they currently have, many of which may have sprouted by roles and expectations that their family placed on them when they were younger. Students will be able to shift their mindset and let go off negative beliefs to create a new, positive self-image .

Module 2 The Inner Child

Most mental issues and destructive behavior patterns are more or less related to an unconscious part of ourselves that is known in psychology as the inner child. We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us. But most adults are quite unaware of this. And this lack of conscious relatedness to our own inner child is precisely where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from.

In this module, students will have the opportunity to explore fears or feelings that remind themselves of when they were younger and get support in working through those feelings so that they can uncover and create a “new norm”. This “new norm” will all them to release some of those fears and overcome barriers that be keeping them from reaching their current academic and personal goals

Module 3 The Imposter

Many people who feel like impostors grew up in families that placed a big emphasis on achievement. In particular, parents who send mixed messages — alternating between over-praise and criticism — can increase the risk of future fraudulent feelings. Societal pressures only add to the problem.

Researchers looking at the relationship between Imposter syndrome and mental health among student populations have found it to be a predictor of mental health, it has been found to be positively correlated with anxiety, depression, psychological distress.

In this module, students will identify areas that trigger Imposter Syndrome and learn strategies to break the pattern of thinking. Students will be able to shift towards a growth mindset that will support them in accomplishing their life goals and resiliency.

Module 4 Shining the Light

In this final module, students will take part on breaking down the stigma around mental health challenges by starting the conversation around personal experiences and having the chance to support their peers. This final module is only the start of the community and bond that will be built amongst these students and their commitment to support others in positive mental wellness in and around your campus community.

ReNEW Program: Available for Athletes, Teachers, Parents, Corporate

Program Purpose:

The purpose of ReNEW is to support participants in making shifts in their daily habits and mindset so that they can increase their mental wellness, focus, energy and eliminate stress, anxiety and  burnout.

The simple implementation of support in overall wellness can be the difference between living a life of angst and overwhelm and having a thriving life in all aspects, personally and professionally.

The ReNEW Program is a customizable wellness program that blends health foundations with growth mindset development which proves to be an influential way to support participants with the importance of creating healthy habits and the benefits of sticking to wellness goals for work life balance, positive relationships and overall health and wellness.

In this program, Kelley’s customized L.I.F.E. Blueprint is exactly what is necessary to stay focused and dedicated to self-care, personal goals, and work- life balance in a manner that allows them to feel supported by their community and know that they don’t have to do it alone.

Program Description and Structure:

LIFE Program Foundations:
Leveled Up Visioning-Incremental Goals – Focused Mindset-Easily Attainable Energy

Each week will include:

  1. Live training
  2. Open office hours
  3. Weekly Tracker
  4. Daily Journaling