Katherine Gray Silvan – Getting REAL with VIRTUAL Self Care

Katherine Gray Silvan

Interfaith Minister – Performance Artist – Inspirational Speaker

Getting REAL with VIRTUAL Self Care

Katherine’s virtual program, Self-Care 101: Practicing the Art of Self Love, kicks self-depreciation in the butt! and shines a light on the ways we have been conditioned to diminish and abandon ourselves to please others and fit into a materialistic world. “So done with that!” Through her vibrant and compassionate delivery and her dynamic, original slide presentation, Katherine guides attendees to understand how critical self-love is to our health, fulfillment and freedom. The practices she introduces are not conventional and will have you laughing, kicking your shoes off and speaking profound vows to yourself.


Virtual program description:

Hi! Did you feel that? I’ve gotten very good at sending energy, vitality and creativity through the ethers to meet you on “your side” of the screen! Having led hundreds of people in virtual programming during this time I like to call “Look-In” rather than locked in, I have learned first-hand how much we humans need to connect with others -in the ways we can – to access practices, wisdom, humor, story-telling, creativity and guidance to help us weather the storm.

There could not be a more pressing time for each of us to hear the deeper call to say sayonara to fear and self-limiting habits and to activate our full power and step into being True activists in our time. We do this for our personal expansion and healing – as well as for the world we SO love and want to bring healing to. How do we shift the world? By shifting ourselves, period.

During my program, I share research-based practices and lead several simple yet shockingly powerful exercises to practice self-care, initiate self-love and embody it in a way that transforms person, life, and world. Let’s go!

Here are some of the essential questions SC-101 explores:

  • What is the distinction between being selfish and self-full?
  • How can we assess our own perceptions of healthy self-care?
  • Can we honor ourselves by setting clear boundaries in relationships?
  • What is the connection between our thoughts and behavior?
  • How can we kick self-limitation to the curb and create the Magic Carpet Ride Life?!


Thank you again for being apart of our virtual conference this year, both your programs were very successful and our attendees only had high remarks and compliments. You were a huge hit and one of our rock stars!                                                                          

                                                            Debra Riggs, Executive Director, NASW, Virginia Chapter

I am one of the faceless many to whom you spoke at the NASWVA conference. I’d approached the conference, virtual as it was, with a low level of enthusiasm.  Your presentation, though, “rocked my world!” Your talk hit home substantively, while your style was pleasantly personal and unpretentious.  I feel heartened to be armed with such powerful, if fundamental, information.  Thank you,                                                          

                                                            Gordon H. (attendee)